Monday, November 01, 2004

Hi All

Well the recent news is that my holidays were taken up with my uni assignment which I thought would never end. After all the statistics and other bollucks I PASSED!!!!! I thought I would definitely fail but indeed I even surprised myself.
I also bought my wedding dress in the holidays and my Mum and I were just looking around and I found one. Well, I just have to get my act together and organise the rest of the wedding now.
School is very busy and I can't wait till the holidays. It's just nuts at the moment.
Jack is well and just won himself 3 national championship medals in his shooting competition in Adelaide. He also won 2 gold medals in state teams also.
My shooting is coming along. I hadn't really trained in 3 months and I went to a competition last weekend and came second after shooting a Personal best. I was quite pleased.
The house is coming along with the landscape nearly there. We had the bobcat in and made ourselves a drive way and in front of our patio we put top soil and hopefully lawn will be there in a week.
Well must fly, keep the letters coming in.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004


Hi all,

I have been a little busy lately with extra work commitments and uni assignments. Apart from that I am cruising along really well and time seems to be just flying.
Mum and George are really well and I rang George for Father's Day. He loved it. Mum and George have been across in the last few weeks and Mum is loving being on long service leave. However, I think she should've taken term 4 off. What a holiday then???
Jack is good and he is in serious training for the Metallic Silhouette nationals in Adelaide during the school holidays. He has now been appointed Head Teacher of Industrial Arts and this position will start from next year. He was Head Teacher of Administration although all he dealt with was truants. I think he is counting down until he changes jobs.
Myself, well, I handed in my first assignment over a week ago now. I was nearly vomiting and I can't believe I made myself that anxious. also, my birthday is in about a week and i am really excited about that. 26 i will be turning. what an age!!!! i will really miss 25. I am a little sad about leaving it.
gotta go, please drop me a line

Saturday, August 07, 2004

This photo is of Cassie, Maisy and I.  Posted by Hello

Holly and Steve. Posted by Hello

This is moi having a cruiser before being proposed to. Jack thinks this is the best photo of me where I think this is one of the worst. Posted by Hello

Hockey Fest Final NSW vs Holland '03 Posted by Hello


Well, I have had a really good weekend except for this bloody thing not putting up my post.
Friday night, I went out with a few people I used to work with. It was great fun and I had a ball. We just went down to one of the locals and after dinner we drank and sang karaoke.

Saturday, as it always is it's usually cleaning day and shopping day. I also went to the movies with Kirrian. She is my next door neighbour and she is really nice. She is an osteopath.(a very good reason to know her). We went to see Fahrenheit 9/11 and it was excellent. I think Michael Moore delivered a great representation to what was going on. I emiled Michael Moore and hopefully I get a reply. Fingers crossed. He has a lot of interesting information on his website including a group of musicians such as R.E.M , Pearl Jam, the Dixie Chicks and John Mellencamp organising tours to add more support to the democratic party. Also Ronald Reagan's son has slammed bush on this website for getting votes by sucking everything he can out of Reagan's death. Very interesting reading.

Today, I went shooting (air pistol- You shoot a paper target at 10 metres) and I did pretty well. I am getting back into the swing of training again becasue the State Championships are on in about 6 weeks and I really have to train so not to embarass myself. I'm lucky that the championships are on in Wagga which is only an hour away.
I thought that i would take the dog for a drive today to drop off some videos. Well I think the dog got motion sickness from both ends!!!! I was not happy and then in the middle of my car stinking Jack decided to call and I tell you it all ahppens at once. I hope my car doesn't stink too much!?!?!? Does anybody know any ideas for getting rid off that type of smell???
Well I better be off and stop procrastinating as I have study to do.

Take care and drop a line.

Monday, August 02, 2004

This is one of the views from our house. This mountain is called Table Top Mountain. It is beautiful to sit on the patio and watch the sun come up. Posted by Hello

Jack and I in Bendigo NYE 2002/3. Posted by Hello


ATM (at the moment), I have started to pick up my training for shooting. I am trying to do this at least twice a week because the state championships are in about 6 & 1/2 weeks. I am shooting an air pistol which is like a slug gun in efficiency but it is a pistol. I shoot a target at ten metres. This sounds really easy but it is quite difficult to get everything right to get good scores.

School is school. I am trying not to lose my cool with a few poeple, but you get that. With things settling down a little i feel better about the workload, but i'm buggered already and we are only just over half way into the year.

My Mum and George are coming tommorow to stay for the night. My mum is on long service leave for the term and they are going to sydney to pick up some friends coming from America.
They are both very excited and plan to take them around Sydney and Canberra and then onto Deni.

I have now just figured out how to put photos on the internet. It's very cool and i will try and put some more on here. It's great. There's a photo of Jack adn I and there's also a photo of the view from our house... I will put some of Mossy (our dog) when i get them developed (yes i don't use digital cameras). He is sooo cute, he is a maltese shitzu and before you ask he does not bark. He is great to have and I am really glad i bought him.

Well must be off take care

Thursday, July 22, 2004


Hi all,
I thought I would use this to keep everyone informed of what I am up to rather than try and email. Please leave a comment or email me.

At the moment I am trying to transfer from Culcairn back into Albury. The working environemnt is not very nice here. Although I won't be able to leave here until the end of the year.

I now have a little Maltese-Shitzu, his name is Mossy. He is black and white and a great addition. He is so cute and at 14 weeks has nearly seemed to grow to his full size already!!

Jack and I are both well. Jack and I have just returned from Sydney on the holidays. He was at Hockeyfest coaching the NSW U18s team and I was at a friend's house. It was great fun. Jack also competed in Metallic Silhouette in Bowral and I was spotting. Anyway it was very cold and seeing it snowed on saturday night I was not happy spotting on Sunday.

Please drop a line.